That's what we are! Check us out.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen: Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II

Ladies & Gentlmen, Mr Barack M. Obama visited our humble school once.

Meet our Cambridge Examinations Coordinator

Negotiating a new timetable? new rates? Tough....

Serious stuff. Let's celebrate 30 years of service for you!

Santa has come to town with a lot of pressies ;)

One of fantastic Friday afternoons with you.

Our Friday afternoon options - just pick & choose.

Santa? Why can't she be black!?

If you forget to have your homework can be tough in ELC

Testing our lg competence overseas. All the states in one piece.

Ground Zero. Some of us have been there as well. Tribute.

Pilgrims, refugees... or simply...Mayflower tourists, last minute/economy?

Footie straight from America. Or from whereever the grass is greener.

Harry P. Still going strong?

Hmm...when in Scotland you can be a bit confused?

Isn't she beautiful? And she speaks ENGLISH, only with the slight Scottish accent :)

Want a diploma? Why not join us any time?

European Day of Languages & our BRITISH COUNCIL friends have popped in.

Our dear guests are always welcome in the office.

You can't get away. Information will catch up with you anywhere.

We are in the BRITISH LIBRARY and the presentation begins...any minute.

100 slides or....DEATH by POWERPOINT! Nooo - just a joke.

At our friends' place. Like it?

AMERICAN CORNR upstairs? Why not. If you really like ENGLISH....anything goes :)). We have friends w

We know that images speak louder than words. Don't they?

A couple of SUITS in sight? But, of course! The occasion is sort of...special.

Yet another workshop on the European Day of Languages 2015

Are we in the CLASSROOM?! Nooooo, not again!

Alice in Wonderland. I mean...that is how I feel here. Bookworm are here. Beware!

Crowd, and nothing but the crowd. And we had a couple of sessions downstairs and upstairs. Wow!

Thank you for being with us on the day!

SLIDER 25 X-mas

THIS IS THE END. That is how some of us look and feel after 48 hours of PPP.